Customer Service

Guaranteed Quality

At ARP we take great care in producing each product with the utmost precision while taking into account our customers' unique requirements. Each of our products is designed and developed individually by our experienced engineers. It is then produced by our automated machine lines.

Quality Control

At ARP we pay special attention to controlling the quality of our products because keeping our customer's trust is our main priority. To prevent defective products from leaving our factory, we assemble and test each product before dispatching it to our customers. After confirming the quality, our products are packaged, transported and installed on-site by highly trained technicians. Upon turn over of the product on the site, the customer receives an operation manual, quality certificates and a warranty card.

Warranty Service

ARP products have a warranty period of 24 months.
For warranty service of our products, contact us on +359-32-630972 or call the phone number stated in the warranty card of your product.
The conditions for trade warranty by ARP OOD are issued in accordance with the current Bulgarian legislation. The warranty is valid on the territory of Bulgaria and the EU member states. The warranty service of the doors is carried out within 30 calendar days.
ARP isn't responsible for damages done to products, damage made during transport and improper installation by non-qualified persons or companies.

Out-of-warranty Service

For out-of-warranty service or spare parts, please send an email with your contacts, product type and serial number of the product you wish to purchase to email

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