Driven by the belief that the success of any enterprise depends on its ability to satisfy the requirements and expectations of its customers, staff, owners, partners and society as a whole, our efforts are aimed at effective management of processes affecting quality, which is a prerequisite for achieving production profitability and ultimate economic prosperity. 


Our main goal is to satisfy the requirements of the customers and achieve such a development of the company as to ensure a permanent presence on the Bulgarian market, respectively in the long term - on the European market. In this regard, the management of the company plans its strategic goals and commitments to strictly satisfy the legal requirements, including the conformity of the products, according to the harmonized standards. 


The main tool for implementing the declared policy is the implemented and certified Quality Management System of "ARP" OOD, which meets the international standard ISO 9001:2015. Decisive to our success are the constant improvements and maintenance of the QMS, with the aim of achieving higher results and efficiency, including the maintenance of the implemented and production control system, according to DIN 18200:2000-5, certified by Ift Rosenheim Gmbh. 


Our staff is responsible for the quality of the products and their installation at the sites, within the scope of their professional competence, and strives to avoid inconsistencies with the quality and safety requirements. We are convinced that the professionalism of the associates is decisive for the quality of the activities performed, which is why we strive to provide continuous training and upgrading of qualifications. 


The quality policy and objectives, as well as all system documents, are publicized and mandatory for all staff. 


As the head of the company, I undertake to provide all the necessary resources for the implementation of the set goals and the outlined policy and I declare my personal participation and responsibility in relation to the declared in the declaration. 


Mario Petrov