Environmental policy


Our main goal is to create such management of processes and organization of work in the company, through which the protection of the environment is guaranteed. Aware of its responsibility in the construction, maintenance and continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System (EMS), the management declares the following basic principles and statements:

  • In accordance with the subject of activity and considering the possible impacts on the environment, to strive for accurate identification of environmental aspects and possible risks arising from the processes we manage and the activities we implement;
  • Continuous improvement of environmental protection activities, through continuous monitoring of process progress, reduction of pollution risk, as well as effective and efficient improvement of environmental performance;
  • Compliance with Bulgarian and European legislation, as well as compliance with other requirements regarding the environment;
  • Announcement of the current policy and related long-term goals, in order to achieve awareness and empathy on the part of people, by creating appropriate conditions, stimulating employees for full participation and showing initiative in the implementation of activities regarding the environment;
  • Maintenance of the documented EMS, according to the ISO 14001 standard and application of a process, system and factual approach in its management;

Also, aware of the global threats of environmental pollution, we set ourselves the main goal of aging to make our contribution to its preservation and with an awareness of the responsibility we bear to future generations, such as:

  • We are committed, through the way of management and control of the processes we are able to influence, to prevent and/or reduce possible harmful effects on the environment, including pollution;
  • To strive to improve the products we provide with a view to creating those with the least possible harmful impact on the environment;
  • Strive to efficiently use natural resources, especially non-renewable energy sources, respectively to use more alternative energy sources;
  • To be informed in order to comply with applicable legal and other requirements relating to environmental aspects;
  • To raise the OS protection awareness of all our collaborators and partners;
  • To achieve high quality of our products, but not at any cost, but only in strict compliance with all regulatory requirements regarding the environment;

In this regard, the main tool and assistant for implementing the outlined policy and achieving our long-term goals is and will be the documented and implemented EMS, in accordance with the international standard ISO 14001. This policy is available to every employee, as well as to all external stakeholders and the public, and at any time and upon request it will be made available for perusal.

As the Manager of the company, I declare my personal participation and responsibility for providing the necessary resources to fulfill the set goals and the outlined policy, the management processes and continuous improvement of the efficiency of the system, as well as I undertake to review the current policy for adequacy annually and in the event of any changes.

April 1st, 2021

Mario Petrov