Doors with smoke control features: Smoke-proof doors

Installing doors with smoke control features has many benefits for both building owners and their occupants and tenants. The main function of this type of door is to provide safe, smoke-free escape routes during a fire. By effectively containing smoke in certain areas of the building, these doors reduce the risk of smoke inhalation and panic, and thus make evacuation safer for building occupants.

In Bulgaria, two terms are common for doors with smoke control characteristics: smoke-tight and smoke-proof doors. Both terms refer to the same thing, namely smoke protection. Let's look at both types:

  • Smoke control doors are doors that have special seals and thresholds that create a barrier for the passage of smoke and thus prevent smoke from passing from one room to another. Their use in buildings is required according to product standard BDS EN 14351-2 and Regulation No. Iz-1971 of 29.10.2009. Smoke-tight doors can be made of different materials, such as sheet steel, aluminum or wood, and the manufacturer declares that the doors are sealed on all four sides and are smoke-tight. These doors can also have other functions, such as fire protection, burglary protection, access control, thermal insulation and sound insulation.

  • Smoke-proof doors are doors tested in accredited laboratories for smoke protection. They have improved sealing systems and thresholds that prevent smoke from passing through. Smoke-proof doors can also be fire resistant, meaning they stop the spread of fire for a certain amount of time. Smoke-proof doors are tested for the passage of smoke and fumes (cold gases) which are released under a certain pressure. Depending on the amount of air passed through the doors, they are classified as class Sa. Also, smoke doors are tested for the passage of hot gases at a temperature of 200 Cо, for which they are classified with class S200. Smoke-proof doors are equipped with self-closing mechanisms, and can be linked to building fire alarm systems, in which case they can automatically close, stopping the spread of fire and smoke in the event of a fire.

We must distinguish smoke-tight and smoke-proof doors from airtight doors. With hermetic doors, the level of passage of air and water is reduced to a minimum. 

As building safety laws continue to evolve to prioritize smoke control, with the goal of providing a safer environment and assisting firefighting efforts, it is well for building developers to integrate well-designed and properly installed doors with smoke control as early as possible.

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