Annual General Meeting of EDSF

On 23.06.2023, the annual general meeting of the European Federation for Doors and Shutters EDSF took place. ARP Ltd. took part as a representative of Bulgaria and a leader in the production of steel fire-resistant and multi-functional doors in our country. At this year's meeting, the introduction of the European Green Deal once again dominated the topics.

One exciting piece of news is that EDSF has now rolled out the first version of its energy label generator. The label aims to help achieve the goals of the European Green Deal by presenting easy-to-understand information on the energy efficiency of products.

Another important issue that was discussed was the delay in the EN 13241 standard, which concerns the safety and performance requirements of doors, gates and barriers in industrial, commercial and garage facilities. This long-awaited standard is extremely important for both manufacturers and consumers, which is why the EDSF aims to speed up its harmonization across the EU.

E.D.S.F. meeting 2023

As always, ARP took an active part in the forum. Our goal as a European quality door manufacturer is to introduce the latest innovations and strive for ever greater responsibility for a sustainable future. Thus, we guarantee our customers products of the new generation that will serve them for decades.

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