Doors for Industrial and Commercial Buildings and Garages Steel Fire Resistant Doors

Economy Plus

Double Leaf Door

Performance characteristics by EN 16034:2014

Resistance to fire:
E 90EI190, EI290, EW 90 fire test on both sides

Available with:
Class E 30, EI130, EI230, EW 30 fire test on both sides
Class E 60, EI160, EI260, EW 60 fire test on both sides
Class E 120EI1120, EI2120, EW 120 fire test on the hinge side

Smoke control: Class Sa/S200
Durability of self-closing: Class C5 - 200 000 cycles
Ability to release: Released
Durability against ageing (corrosion): Released

Performance characteristics by EN 13241:2003+A2:2016

  • Mechanical Stability: Released

  • Dangerous substances: No

  • Resistance to wind load: NPD

  • Acoustic performance: Rw = 35 dB

  • Thermal transmittance: Ud = 1.4 W/(m2K)
  • Door glazed with low-emission glass: Ud = 1.56 W/(m2K)
  • Air permeability: NPD

Technical characteristics:

Door leaf:


Thick double rebate door leaf with a thickness of 64.5 mm
Box: Hot-deep galvanized steel sheets with a thickness of 0.8 mm
Insulation: High density insulation material
Finish: Zn 140
Powder coating: Standard color light grey RAL 7035
Available in other colours by RAL system
Available with decorative finish to 1.5 mm with different materials

Door frame:

Corner frame
Hot-deep galvanized steel sheets with a thickness of 1.5 mm
Sealing: Rubber profile
Expanding seal

Hinges E10.01:

Three-part galvanized hinges 3 mm painted in the colour of the door
Available with E26.01, IBM 543 - 2D adjustable hinges with black caps and OX 18-1531/160 - 3D adjustable stainless-steel hinges
Self-closing: one hinge with springs or door closer

Passive security:

Securing bolts (max. 5 pcs.)


Fire resistant lock and counter lock (Automatic flush bolt)
Available with locks with panic function, electric locks, 3-point locks

Profile cylinder:

40/45, 40/10


Fire resistant handles with short oval plates, coated with black PVC, silver aluminum, or stainless steel.
Available with a panic device with black caps and a red panic bar or with stainless steel finish.

Access control:

Electric strike, electric lock, electromagnets, electric handles

Order dimensions: W = width x H = height in mm











Leaf max. W = 1500 mm
Leaf min. W = 450 mm