Fire safety: Does every building need fire doors?

When considering how best to protect your real estate, one important aspect that should never be overlooked is fire safety.

Every year, fires cause irreparable damage to property and pose a serious threat to human life. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, fire doors not only play a crucial role in preventing the spread of fire and smoke in buildings, but also have a modern look, beautiful appearance, and diverse uses.

Let's look at the advantages of fire doors and why they are an essential part of any building:

  • Protection of human life:

Fire doors are specially designed to withstand extreme temperatures and effectively limit the spread of fire from one room to another, with the aim of protecting human life, material damage and destruction of property. Different models of fire resistant doors offer protection between 30 minutes to 2 hours. These requirements for the building are provided in the Fire Safety project and are individual for each building. The Fire Department has estimated how long it will take to reach the site from the nearest Regional Fire Department. This delay in the spread of fire and smoke can be critical in providing a safe route for building occupants to evacuate or wait for rescue assistance to arrive. By creating separation, fire doors save valuable time for firefighting and increase the chances of saving lives. 

  • Property Damage Protection:

In addition to the safety of people, fire doors protect your property in your house or apartment, valuable assets and special equipment in your office or company. In industrial sites, these doors can protect critical infrastructure, commercial and warehouse spaces containing valuable documents, goods, equipment or machinery. By installing fire doors, businesses can reduce the risk of irreversible damage to their business, and minimize recovery time after a fire incident, saving themselves significant financial losses. 

  • Compliance with legal requirements:

В България се налагат строги правила за пожарна безопасност в строителните обекти. Спазването на тези разпоредби е не само решаващо за безопасността на обитателите, но и законово изискване за собствениците на сгради. Пожароустойчивите врати трябва да покриват изискванията на тези разпоредби, за да гарантират, че сградите отговарят на националните стандарти за пожарна безопасност. Инсталирането на пожароустойчиви врати, които отговарят на тези стандарти и имам необходимата документация е особено важно, за да избегнете проблеми със закона. 

  • Insurance:

Installing fire doors in the building reduces the risk of fire as well as reduces the insurance premium. Your insurers will give you a price discount if, instead of an EI30 class door, you install a EI60 class door or higher, because this way you will reduce the risk of fire and the building will be safer.

  • They guarantee your peace of mind:

Fire doors provide peace of mind to both occupants and building owners. Knowing you have reliable fire protection brings a sense of security. This allows you to focus on your daily activities without the constant worry of fire danger, contributing to your mental health and productivity. Your neighbors will also be reassured that a fire will not spread from your apartment to the common areas of the building or to their apartment. 

  • Modern look and beautiful appearance:

Gone are the days when fire doors were only functional but not beautiful in appearance. Nowadays, most manufacturers combine safety with aesthetics, offering a wide range of colors and decorative finishes on fire doors. Whether it is a residential or commercial environment, fire doors can seamlessly blend into the overall architectural style and interior design. From elegant and minimalist solutions, to photo-coated doors that complement the decor and branding of your commercial establishment, fire doors offer both safety and visual appeal.

To the question of whether fire-resistant doors are necessary for every building, the short answer is - YES. Fire doors are an integral part of any fire protection system and a necessary component of any building if you want to protect your property, human life and your emotional health.

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