About us

About us

ARP is a leading manufacturer of steel doors

With over three decades of experience and professionalism, we have gained the trust and loyalty of numerous clients in Bulgaria and abroad. ARP's products combine European quality and competitive prices. We specialise in a flexible service for our clients. With our short lead-time and ability to produce doors with special dimensions, we ensure our customer's lasting satisfaction.

Flexible approach

ARP has a team of highly skilled engineers who develop each individual product. Our advantage is the production of non-standard size doors and special fittings with the same quality as standard size doors.

Product quality

ARP products have been tested in leading Bulgarian and German laboratories and are certified according to the Bulgarian national standard (BDS) and European norms (EN and EEC).

Competitive prices

We offer our customers the most attractive prices both for doors with standard sizes and for doors with non-standard sizes. Working with us is an advantage for large projects that require more than one type of door.

Fast Delivery Times

Thanks to our flexible approach, we can produce non-standard size doors at the same speed as standard size doors.
There's no limit to what we can produce - if your project calls for it, we'll deliver it on time.

Our production

Our company in numbers

Years of experience
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Our promise - top quality products

The ARP's factory occupies 6500 sq.m. and is equipped with an automatic machine production line.

Our distributors pass a yearly training on the installation of our products in ARP's training centre.

Our main products include:

  • Steel multipurpose doors
  • Steel fireproof doors
  • Steel smoke-control doors
  • Steel thermal insulated doors
  • Steel sound insulated doors 

Download ARP's company presentation for 2023 and learn more about our current business practices and vision!


At ARP OOD, sustainability has become one of our core values. As part of our dedication to preserving the planet, we have taken a momentous step forward by transitioning our production and operations to rely solely on 100% clean solar energy, which we now produce at our Plant ARP. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and fostering a greener tomorrow for everyone. 


Innovation is the driving force behind the continued success of ARP Ltd. and we are proud to announce the successful implementation of our state-of-the-art automated production line. Designed to optimize efficiency and precision, this new technology revolutionizes our manufacturing process by allowing our specialists to focus only on tasks that require qualification and experience, while automated systems handle repetitive, labor-intensive and time-consuming processes with unparalleled accuracy. 

Product quality

At ARP quality is paramount, that is why our steel fire resistant and multipurpose doors are certified, in accordance with the requirements of the EU for placement in construction (Regulation (EC) 305/2011) and meet the rigorous national and European safety standards. Our products are tested at ift institute Rosenheim – Germany. With ARP OOD, you can have peace of mind knowing that your site is safeguarded with the highest quality doors, which have all the necessary documentation for placement in construction in Bulgaria and the EU member states.

Patents, Awards and Memberships


ARP has patents for reserved trademark and model of steel multipurpose doors.


  • Gold Medal and Diploma - International Plovdiv Fair 1993
  • Gold Medal and Diploma - International Technical Plovdiv Fair 2008
  • Diploma and Jubilee badge of BIA for conquering new market niches - Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce 2008


ARP is an active member in the following technical organisations:

  • European Doors and Shutters Federation E.D.S.F. - Fire and Smoke Work Group
  • Bulgarian Institute for Standardization
    ▪Technical Committee 96 Doors, Windows, Shutters, Building Hardware and Suspended Facades
E.D.S.F. meeting 2023
Annual General Meeting of the European Federation for Doors and Shutters EDSF

ARP is an active member in professional organisations

2008 - present

  • European Door and Shutter Federation, Working Group Fire and Smoke
  • Bulgarian Door, Windows and Facades Association
    The Bulgarian Institute for Standardisation - Technical Committee 96 - Doors, Windows, Shutters, Building Hardware and Curtain Walls
  • Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • The Bulgarian Industrial Association

Our promise:
Products of the Highest Quality

At ARP we believe in building lasting relationships with our customers,
and the key to our success is ensuring the highest quality of our products every time.


ARP is a family-business established in 1989 upon the basis of mutual respect and trust. 

Our team is highly qualified and committed to our company's policy, which is to offer our customers not only quality products at an attractive price, but also security and guaranteed peace of mind.

Mr Mario Petrov
(Owner & President)
Mario is in charge of the general management of ARP OOD.

Eng. Valentin Petrov
(Owner & Vice-President)
Valentin is in charge of production and R&D.

Eng. Emil Kolev
(Production Director)
Emil is in charge of the production and logistics in Plant ARP.

Eng. Georgi Todorov
(Trade Director)
Georgi communicates with customers and processes orders.

Eng. Kristian Petrov
(R&D Director)
Kristian controls the quality of the production process.

Eng. Atanas Chinchinov
Atanas oversees the development of individual orders.

Mr Antony Ivanov
(Warehouse Director)
Antony controls the quality of incoming materials and outgoing products.